Saturday, September 30, 2006

Some Faeries...

Let's get drawing!

I also wanted to note that we've been able to pull in just under 300 hits since Thursday - I'm really happy about this and can't wait to hear what others think about where we're taking this.

Stay in touch!

Hi, this is Nonna, I am the Story Supervisor and 2nd Ink and Paint Supervisor. I was thinking about posting some inspirations but it seems that we have plenty, with no particular direction. But this Tuesday we plan to have a definite story direction and hopefully some personal artwork to go alone with it. We all feel confident with our story progression. So check out our blog on Wednesday.

Sin-Hero imagery (more of Ed's inspirations)

Originally I was picturing a more watercolory style, but now I'm more into coloring styles like that of Brandon Scott and Tadahiro Uesegi (Alan has posted their work examples in earlier entries).
So now, when I imagine how i would like the art direction for this film to be, I picture very detailed backgrounds and layouts using simple vector-type coloring styles and gradients and the use of high contrast black and white shadows and silhouettes. My group still has to actually START doing concept art and art direction and all that goodness, so who knows how the final film will actually look like.
I took a few screencaps of two of my fave movies, Sin City and Hero, to demonstrate how well simple saturated colors and the use of black and white contrast can add richness and clarity to a scene's composition.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tooth Fairy Folklore..

Nonna had the good foresight to start researching Tooth Fairy Folklore of different cultures to spice things up a little bit. I don't want to encroach upon her findings should she choose to post them, but here are some things I've found courtesy of the Wiki page on Tooth Fairies.

One cool premise was this:

"Some believe that other useful purposes (for the Tooth Fairy) include giving children a sense of faith in things unseen, believing in the incorporeal, and helping them understand the difference between the real and the imaginary."

Also, this pointed me towards the Terry Pratchett novel entitled 'Hogfather' - which involves entirely around the Tooth Fairy and the numerous people she has subcontracted the business of collecting teeth to. See more about it on its own Wiki Page.

An amusing account of Terry Pratchett's (and thereby, Discworld's) account of the Tooth Fairy:

"Unlike our concept of the Tooth Fairy, the Discworld Tooth Fairy is operated as a franchise. Tooth collection is subcontracted to ordinary young women who walk the streets at night with money, ladders and pliers. (The pliers are necessary in case the tooth collector finds herself without the correct change - a second tooth can be taken to balance the books.) The Tooth Fairy lives in an unreal place shaped by the idea of a child's painting. The entity that became the Tooth Fairy personification was originally the first bogeyman. The bogeyman's stated purpose in establishing this was to prevent the teeth from falling into the wrong hands, as they could be used to control the children. It seems that centuries of watching children had given it a (slightly creepy) affection for them."

One more contentious issue - what does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth?

Terry Pratchett's answer:

"(Pratchett) Suggests they're just collected, neatly labeled and filed away in a museum-like castle. Pratchett also suggests that the tooth fairy's business involves intricate record-keeping and accounting."

Also, for those interested, here is the Straight Dope Staff Report on the origins of the Tooth Fairy.

She tells us herself that none of this mish-mash is true - we'll leave it up to you to decide.

Some fairy concepts from me will come tomorrow, just you watch!

Character Inspiration..

While my specialty definetly isn't character design, I've got to show some of my major influences in character design. Of course, first up in my mind is my good friend and amazing artist Robin Joseph. Here are a few selected images from his blog that I think are really pertinent to informing the look of our film:

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Robin!

Art Direction..

Courtesy Disney Art Director Hans Bacher:

Even More Layout Concepts...

Fourth Year Sheridan Student Brandon Scott's paintings:

More Layout Concepts...

Calarts student Lorelay Bove's stuff:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is this where you check in?

Ian here. Nothing much to say at the moment, just checking in.

I'll post some inspiration tomorrow; at the moment I need to get to sleep.

Let's rock this baby hard, aV8!, we need a new group name.

Layout Styling..

As the layout supervisor I've started looking a little into the background styling of the film, as I think that has a good influence on what the film will look like as a whole. I know this is more the art-direction side of things, but I figure whatever inspiration and direction we can get, the better.

The first distinctive style I want to show you guys is the work of fashion illustrator/designer Tadahiro Uesegi. If you haven't seen his (her?) work, check it out here.

Here are some of my favorite:

More background style inspiration to come!

Some of Ed's Inspiration

Since Alan has started posting some inspirational art, I thought I should put up some too. The first batch of art is from FLCL, probably the craziest anime i've ever seen. I like the cel shaded quality of it, as well as the use of black silhouettes.

These pics are from the AMAZING Marcelo Vignali (i hope its ok I posted these on here...) I really want to try to create these kinds of graphite/charcoal concept art. The last one of the whale is probably my favourite type of this 'graphite' concept art


Whut is up fellow bloggers? My name's Eduardo Avenir II and I am very, very excited to be doing a group film! I am the Ink and Paint Supervisor, and 2nd Design Supervisor for this film. My goal this year is to create a finished, polished film that is well thought out. To be honest, I was a bit worried about doing a group film because I've never really liked doing group art projects because I do like to have a lot of control over my art, but so far every meeting I have had with my group has been awesome! I love the collaborative brainstorming that goes on.

Can't wait for our yet-to-be named film to blossom! Hope you guys visit regularly!

Inspiration and Critiques..

We are looking for inspiring examples of fairies of all sort,
Evil, good, funny, tall, fat, or short,
So if you can think of any fairy inspiration,
Please send us a comment or email - it'll help this animation!

Also feel free to leave and comments or critiques,
Anything that will help us make this film truly unique.

Uwe Heidschoetter

Some inspirational work from Uwe:

Icarus and The Tree Herder

From Ian Worrel's Blog


The Film:

Check out a higher res version here

Old School Illustrators...

Edmund Dulac:

Arthur Rackham:

Gustave Doré:

Alphonse Mucha:

Back to Basics...

Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

Some Fairy Directions...

Gabriele Pennacchioli's

Darkness Fall's Tooth Fairy

Kei Acedera's Faeries:


Hello, my name is Alan Cook, and I'll be the Layout Supervisor and 2nd Story Supervisor on this film. You probably know me best from my blog, Cooked Art.

Getting ready for some crazy posting!


An introduction...

The tooth fairy feels happy today because a premise has been chosen.

A premise about tooth fairies, but clearly the whole story idea has not been frozen.

Tune back at this stage to see the development of a movie,

And all here that are working on it think it'll be pretty groovy.