Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sin-Hero imagery (more of Ed's inspirations)

Originally I was picturing a more watercolory style, but now I'm more into coloring styles like that of Brandon Scott and Tadahiro Uesegi (Alan has posted their work examples in earlier entries).
So now, when I imagine how i would like the art direction for this film to be, I picture very detailed backgrounds and layouts using simple vector-type coloring styles and gradients and the use of high contrast black and white shadows and silhouettes. My group still has to actually START doing concept art and art direction and all that goodness, so who knows how the final film will actually look like.
I took a few screencaps of two of my fave movies, Sin City and Hero, to demonstrate how well simple saturated colors and the use of black and white contrast can add richness and clarity to a scene's composition.


Cooked Art said...

Hey Ed,

If you're thinking about black and white high contrast, check out any 1930s/40s era film (Citizen Kane, etc) for their wonderful black and white cinematography.

Also, check out the Rotoscoped film entitled "Renaissance" by Christian Volckman.

EdoAvenir said...

will do! btw, i went on the calarts films website on my home computer and its not working for me either...